Craptions Classics May 11, 2006

Sir, there's a bunch of kids beating off in the bathroom.


Other Craptions

The first rule of Drum Club is...


They couldn't find an old abandoned graveyard, it wasn't midnight and they forgot to arrange their chairs in the shape of a pentagram, but the kids were still convinced the summoning would succeed.

Linux fan

Further proof that our public schools are underfunded...


Hey, wanna come into the men's room and play with my stools?


In the heirarchy of the nerds, these guys are the elites. For them, hiding in the bathroom is no small habit, it's a lifestyle.


This is my stool. There are many like it but this one is mine.


Do you have an overactive bladder? Millions of Americans do. Now you no longer need to be a prisoner to your bathroom....

Rat Boy

Although his policies were absurd, peeing with the epic feel of a nationally acclaimed drumming group was worth it.

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