Craptions Classics May 10, 2006

Patrick couldn't salute the general. He just couldn't.

Not after last night.

Linux fan

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"Simon Says: Salute to the left. HAHA YOU LOSE!"

le douche

The expanding influence of the Internet became apparent when the commanding officer's only response was "Haha, n00b".


"I don't know but I've been told..."
"I don't know but I've been told..."
"Everyone that looks left is a queer."
"Everyone that looks...what, what?"

Tim S.

So then officers realized that sewing 'Right' And 'Left' on private John's uniform really was not a cruel prank after all.


And then a miracle occured during the anual parade of the rare "hand-to-face-paralisis" disease.

think ployd

No no no! I said jazz hands, not salue!

Crazy Koala

Fuck saluting! I'm gonna get down and do the robot!

Chab Gassie

Private Jones knew that he had the biggest privates, and all he needed to do was draw attention to himslef


Zoolander in disguise "cant turn left"


Another victim fell at the Military Institute's annual game of Simon Says.


Latvia's army encouraged individualism.


Thompson realized it was just an elaborate lie. It wasn't opposite day at all.

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