Craptions Classics April 26, 2009

Sesame Street also has a red light district...

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

....and gay men evolved from FABULOUS monkeys!

Thomas Calnan

So THIS is the date that the white rabbit was so late for!!!

Thomas Calnan

That caution tape needs to be put back up, for goodness sake.


Santa walked away laughing to himself, saying scornfully, "Maybe next year you'll leave some fucking cookies out."

Jeff Kelly

"No I don't believe in that fat bastard santa clau....he's right behind me isn't he?"



The Aisle of Dr. Moreau

Kelly Robinson

And on the eighth day, God decided to fuck with us a little.


"And then the strangest thing happened.. They charged me a few dollars less than the price that was advertised."


When Elton John has a yard sale, it's a dandy!


The perfect gift for the furry loving pirate in your life.

Jeff Kelly

Even Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the WTF Monkey felt the recent economic crunch...but only the WTF Monkey handled it with poise and grace


"Hi, I'm the Easter Bunny, and this is my 'life partner' Lance."


"Hi, we're from out of town. Could you direct us to the nearest Uranium refining facility?"

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