Craptions Classics January 31, 2006

From across the aisle, their eyes met. It was impossible. It was unthinkable. It was love.


Other Craptions

Elisabeth considered the opposing group's sign. She had to admit, it was a pretty convincing argument.

Linux fan

Slavic Women vs. Metrosexuals: Whoever wins, we all lose.


By the time either side noticed Mike it was too late. He had already aborted fifteen protestors.


Inspired by Eminem's 8 Mile, The protestors decided to "Battle" it out.


Mom, why must you always embarass me like this?


"And I say Justice for all!"

"No! Justice for some! nobody likes a communust!"


It was only then that Benjamin realized what an awkward location he had chosen to personally advertise his bakery's delicious pies.


Mary's lemonade sale was a disaster. If only the gathering protesters knew she only intended for there to be "just ice for all"


I wonder if that guy knows that he could shout louder if he uses the megaphone...

Chromana was all going according to plan. They couldn't even see her as she munched on a fresh chunk of baby meat, they were so caught up in the frenzy of who was right and who was wrong. The real winner was Creepy-Zombie chick


"MOMMY!" Linux Fan cried with tears filling his eyes. "Why did you leave me on that street corner when I was 5?"


This is what happens when you let Quentin Tarintino remake the movie Grease

Rat Boy

"And I say you're not a doctor!"


"'Justice for all'?! DAMN YOU. I WANT PANCAKES!!!"

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