Craptions Classics May 08, 2006

Wondering why everyone was looking at him oddly, Steve suddenly realized he was dreaming the most horrible of nightmares - he was a country music singer.


Other Craptions

Perhaps it's time to raise the terror alert level.

le douche

The tattoo of Jesus had never been more embarrassed in its life.

mr mcmurder

"How's Kid Rock supposed to Rock without his friggin' latte?!"

monty thrush

With the crack wearing off, James found himself with a lot of questions, but no answers.

Slauncha Man

The old man cringed. "At least I'm not dating a Goth chick," had never been more hurtful.

homer pimpson

How many roads must a man walk down, before y-


...Uh oh.


Linux fan

"...and another thing, do you think it's easy staying fresh and original in this music game?"


Just another example of Hollywood cashing in on the gay cowboy craze.


Sir! we are having numerous complaints about that new traffic warden you hired earlier this month....


... and with a triumphant 'yeehaaw!' the Naked Cowboy finally crushes that annoying fly between his fingers. At last, he could focus on his performance.


The terrorist's next method was a little unorthodox..


Perhaps it's time to kill le douche

le douche nemesis

Take this ribbon from my hair. Let it loose and let it fall.


A confused and bewildered Russell Crowe was found wandering the streets today.....

Rat Boy
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