Craptions Classics April 03, 2009

The cravings followed Bob for the rest of his life; no matter what he did it was like a giant angry cigarette was just behind him.


Other Craptions

In the UK, that there would be called a giant fag. In the US, he'd be called a biker.

Scott Santens

I hereby cancel my subscription to your magazine, "Bikes And Butts". I can't jerk-off to this shit.


Smokey and the bandit?


After a five year relationship, Rob Halford and Poppin' Fresh broke up. As Rob rode away he told himself not to look back...don't look back Rob. Don't look back.


"Hey that's the motherfucker who kept sucking my face and then threw me in the streets..."


"I picked a helluva day to give up smoking."


The first annual St. Nicotine's Day parade


undercover cops are so obvious at biker rallys


Harley looked in his rear-view mirror. He felt safe as he watched his fellow citizens take down another giant cigarette. Little did he know Smokey stood right behind him. Even the little girl in pink couldn't save him THIS time.


The lady in the rascal scooter is about to race this skin head, for pink slips.


Hey nice Butt....


Pictured: the awesome irony of a person dressed as a cigarette marching behind a smoke-belching motorcycle for miles.


Back of vest: If you can read this, my butt fell off


man I wish this website was British so I could write 100 "fag" craptions and have people actually understand them

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