Craptions Classics March 29, 2009

...the most likely explanation to why children are starving in Africa


Other Craptions

"And what's your gingerbread house look like, little Billy?" "It's a complex satellite defense tower, equipped with all necessary weapons and munitions." "Aw, how cute! It has gumdrops on the side!" "..."


The prisoners shuttered with fear when they heard about their transfer. Nobody survived Sugar Fluff Island. Nobody.


New guilt based method of trying to help kids at fat camps by convincing them that if they eat.. they are consuming entire cities of innocents


Hansel and Gretel's grunge phase.


They said I couldn't combine baking, architecture and anti gravity.


It's still more stable than the economy, BA-ZING!


I for one, welcome our new gingerbread overlords.


Gingerbread makes a perfectly decent building material if you use enough dreams, wishes and reinforced steel.


On Halloween, you should inspect your child's candy in case some sicko stuck a Space Needle into it.

Thomas Calnan

Those are graham crackers, not gingerbread!! Fake!


Why don't you use your obviously superior intelligence to go cure cancer or something?


And for my next display of what's big enough to fill your mom's vagina...


Why did we come to Canada for vacation, again? Oh, that's right, because of the "crazy exciting culture". I'll be in the car.


Somewhere a deranged, bearded, cave dwelling Gingerbread Man-a "Ginger" if you will-is looking at this picture trying to figure out how to knock it all down when the lightbulb goes off in his head..."I've got it!" The Ginger cried out to no one but t

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