Craptions Classics March 20, 2009

Well, we didn't really know what to feed him...


Other Craptions

Not so jolly now are you Mr. Green Giant!


Can't you see David Caruso taking his sunglasses off and saying "I've got a bone to pick with the murderer."

Damn, yo mama WAS fat.


Looks like the Vatican found proof of God. Oh, and Nietzsche was right, he is dead.


There's more huge bones there than at a porn convention.

Holy shit Mrthereverend. Leave a few craptions for jekelish.

Dammit, God, would you quit testing our faith already?


Help, I've fallen and I can't get up. You're 50 feet tall, what the hell do you expect me to do about it.

The Economy, RIP


I TOLD the Jolly Green Giant you have to eat some protein once in a while, but nooooo...


Future Site of the Yao Ming Memorial in China.


Usually the cops would throw someone out for sleeping in the plaza, but they decided to let The Destructor slide.

Jeff Kelly

We can rebuild him, we've got the technology. Yeah, put that on his headstone.

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