Craptions Classics March 19, 2009

I haven't seen this many cocks since I was a Boy Scout.

Plan B

Other Craptions

That sweet ride is a chick magnet.


Proof that people will worship anything.


the Broadway version of Chicken Run didn't quite FLY with the critics....... HAHAH get it Fly.....Chickens......awww FUCK IT!


KFC decided to put a stop to this pesky Chick-Fil-A company by building the Trojan Chicken and, when the dust had settled and the history books had been closed, showed who the REAL leaders of the chicken empire were, are, and always will be.


Okay Family Guy, enough with the chicken fighting scene. It stopped being funny after the first time.


Worst. Porno. Ever.


I don't care what they say, the religious right has strayed from their traditional roots.


Nah, I don't feel like going. You know it's just gonna be one giant cock-fest.


When you want a car that shows the ladies how big your cock is...

"Steve, what the hell are you doing wearing that top hat? You're going to make us look like idiots!"

Jeff Kelly

Ok, now they've hatched, you CAN count them.


I don't know about you guys, but this is NOT how you play chicken where I come from.


The foreign versions of Arrested Development seem to have been lost in translation.


Of course Jane's story of living and being accepted as one of their own was told years later in the film "Chickens in the Mist".

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