Craptions Classics March 16, 2009

Gulliver had freed himself, but he was still too dazed to notice that the liliputians had made off with not only his clothes, but his nipples as well.


Other Craptions

Between a Rock and a Hardened Pedophile.

Hey, I ordered this rock an hour ago. If I wasn't naked and enormous I'd call your supervisor.


I'd like to comment on the giant in board shorts, but I can't stop thinking that there's no WAY that truck delivered that big of a rock.

Jeff Kelly

With no women Jim's size to help him out, power-lifting trucks was the only way he could get his rocks off.


This sunday, sunday, sunday watch as "Rock Delivery" takes on it's biggest oppenent yet, the half naked are still $5.


The Colossus of Roads.


Cars 2: Mater Comes out of the Closet. Like we mean S&M out.

Best Miniature Golf EVER.


Your rusted truck is no match for my half naked robot dancing the robot.


In his youth, Paul Bunyun just loved to get stoned.


Come on, Iowa. No cows to tip or what?


Rock beats scissors. Giant beats rock.


Clay Aiken's wet dream, half naked giant attacking a truck.

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