Craptions Classics March 15, 2009

Throw Smurfette some beads and she'll TOTALLY smurf you her sweet, sweet smurfs.

Jeff Kelly

Other Craptions

The Carebears ejaculated their rainbow sperm all over their 80's cartoon enemies.

Jesus, Left Smurfette, put on your blue gloves or we're going to look like idiots.

A fun way to disguise the homeless problem in New Orleans.

So, Afro that a banana in your pocket, or are you just really, really creepy?

Jeff Kelly

I don't remember "Flaccid Smurf"...but sure enough, there he is next to Papa Smurf.

Jeff Kelly

Hey, lady, when your breakdancing is repelling weird blue Smurf people into the foreground, you know you have a problem.


It's 12:01! quick, think of some smart, smurf-related craption before its too late!


Where is your Gargamel now?!


Crips and bloods cant hold a knife to the original color based gangsters


With the new additions of Skanky Smurf and Slutty Smurf, they had to change the rating of The Smurfs to PG-13.


L to R: Guido Smurf, WTF Smurf, Hooker Smurf, Mamas and the Papas Smurf, Flaccid Smurf, Hooker Smurf 2.0, Jewfro Smurf.


That's not Silly String...


Once again, Cindy did not get the email. She now looked like a fool for her office's "Smurftacular Day" celebration.


Well I'd still rather see it than "Cats."

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