Craptions Classics March 12, 2009

The Irish decided that they too, needed their own version of Dr. Manhattan


Other Craptions

Don't make me naked. You wouldn't like me when I'm naked...

Thomas Calnan

The Green Giant had to register as a sex offender later in life.


How the grinch stole innocence.


Hey guys. Look at my crazy umbrella hat. I'm crazy because I wear a crazy umbrella hat.


After seeing Dr. Manhattan break the nudity barrior, Dr. Bruce Banner no longer bothered buying stretchy purple pants.


This year's triathalon was a true thrill ride with 7 lead changes and one of the biggest underdog victories in the history of the sport. Oh, and this fucking green dude showed up too.


The green giant displays his peas and his pod.


What do you mean "Uranium isn't an ingredient in suntan lotion?"


Why green painted skin and an umbrella hat? Because Fuck You, that's why.


Middle-age Mutant Beach Tourist.

If you look hard enough, you can see his penis shadow... Someone please gouge out my eyes...


I don't know what it is, but here's Nicholas Cage making the movie of it.

smileyjoseph did it again

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