Craptions Classics March 11, 2009

A penny got onto the blueprints, and somehow I just didn't notice until now.


Other Craptions

If Mount Rushmore was built today, this is all we could afford.


when he finished snorting the log cabin, Abe knew he had an addiction


John Wilkes Booth's shooting range.

Jeff Kelly

This is the second worst mini-golf course I've ever been to.

Jeff Kelly

Who needs an entire fence? This head of Abe Lincoln will keep trespassers honest.


Jimmy was sorely disappointed to find his Lincoln Logs came with too few logs and far too much Lincoln


"This is not what I had in mind when you asked if I’m up for some roadside head!!!"


Previously on Lost...


Cocaine's a hell of a drug


The original Lincoln Memorial wasn't as nice.

Jeff Kelly

Build-your-own Mount Rushmore.

Man, cleaning out the nose sucks...where's a slave when you need one?


Four Spruce and 7 Pines ago...


Well, I think it's in bad taste, but if you are gonna finish your shooting gallery you better put up the John and Robert kennedy targets, too.

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