Craptions Classics March 09, 2009

"Boner?" "No, I just wore my fanny pack inside my wetsuit."

Other Craptions

Can't you go back to the old costume? No Mary Jane. People know who I am now.

As a matter of fact, that IS a banana in my pocket, for I am Banana Man!


The label for Japan's #1 selling brand of pepper spray.


"Will it hurt very much?" "HA HA HA yes."


Watchmen II: Electric Boogaloo


I miss just one episode of Heroes, and now I can't follow the storyline at all.

Kelly Robinson

I'm you, from the future! Also you will get a sex change.


I don't speak Japanese, but I know boner deoderant when I see it.


Hey there, are you some sort of superhero? Why no, I'm not....bitch.

"I came as fast as i could!" "You know premature ejaculation isn't exactly a superpower, right?"


"Thank you for saving me, Embarrassing-Public-Erection-Man! How can I ever repay you?" "Well..."


Japan has a more sinister definition of "Banana-hammock"


"Tick, is that you?" "No, I'm his second cousin, Banana Slug."


"How can I ever repay you, Urine-Man?" "Just remember to always.. LOOK OUT FOR NUMBER ONE!"

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