Craptions Classics March 07, 2009

The rich, gay brother of yesterday's craption.


Other Craptions

No, don't cover the floor vent! That's the centerpiece.

"Just follow the blue line and you can't miss it. Oh, and whatever you do, ignore the giant eggs. They will tell you to sit under the orange canopy, but whatever you do, do NOT sit under the orange canopy."


Work has been great ever since they enforced mandatory acid trips.


Sorry, I wanted Feng Shui, not Feng WTF.

The gypsy camp was set up so gradually, no one even noticed the difference by the time it was done...


Once they hatch something FABULOUS is going to happen


So my idea is Arabian Nights meet Alice in Wonderland! You're fired.


Yet another reason banks would be better off if they were run by 5 year olds.


The economy, bail outs, unemployment all meant just one thing. No more hookah parties at Citibank.


Why hello there, little boy. Come on in. Mr, Jackson has been waiting for you all day!


Welcome to my masturbatorium


So you see, the turd from yesterday's craption just needed a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up.


Aladdin by Tim Burton


"Now, THAT'S a living room" "It's my dining room..." "....oh..."

Thomas Calnan
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