Craptions Classics March 05, 2009

Never try to change your flat tire while playing "the floor is lava" game


Other Craptions

Herbie always enjoyed receiving rim-jobs


Back in the day, Transformers needed a little help with their actual transformations.

Jeff Kelly

So I guess a one man demolition derby basically just involves slowly taking the car apart.

Jeff Kelly

In Soviet Russia, car drives YOU!


"If you have a better way to steer, I'd like to hear it!"

Thomas Calnan

He also changes rubber mid-fuck.

Plan B

I promise you, the tire is not why you're not winning any of your Nascar races.


Dude, just pay the $50 for freaking AAA!

Ken Goldstein

Talladega Nightmares


I can still win this, I just have to construct my car.


Ironically, his name is "Jack".


Oh, I get it: it's a metaphor for the economy. The wheels have come off and it's spinning in circles.


This guy just saved a bunch of money by switching to GEICO.


They finally tried to turn Mario Kart into a real sport.

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