Craptions Classics February 27, 2009

For his crimes against the Children, I hereby sentence the Easter Bunny TO DEATH BY HANGING!


Other Craptions

For a rabit that large, he isn't hung that well


The sad thing is that the other bunnies don't even seem to care.


The Suicidal Energizer Bunny; he just couldn't keep going and going and going...

Why are they only hanging the pink one? That's colorist.


It may look like a rabbit from behind, but in the front it's a killing machine. Also, a rabbit.


None of the other rabbits could bear to watch as Mr. Snuggles got lynched.


Looks like Elmer Fudd wins.

Japan's version of the Trojan Horse wasn't quite as successful


He requested to be cadburied.

William Chase Mitchel

This park is for coloreds only. Those who cross over to the whites park will suffer the same fate as Peter here.


Our breeding program is a success, this will feed hundreds!


And the #1 prank to play on someone just released from the insane asylum is...


He saw himself escaping to a meadow full of giant multicolored eggs, into his wife's expectant arms. Then the rope snapped taut, and he was dead.

William Chase Mitchel

"Man, that's a nice rig there Jim. Whaddya haul with it?" "Fuck off Bill..."

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