Craptions Classics February 26, 2009

Sometimes sperm has to stop and ask for directions to find the egg.

Jeff Kelly

Other Craptions

Ret me terr you about Scientorogy..


That's all right - I'll just die, thanks...

Thomas Calnan

These ones really aren't commanding the shit out of my cobra.


This is House and Wilson from the Japanese remake.


Hmmm. Apparently Japan actually won the Battle of the Bulge.


Japan even ruined the KKK


This is ridicurous. Glasses with no ears?


what kind of prostate exam requires a full-body glove???


"Hi, we're trying to find our way back home. We woke up in a kleenex. Our home's about yay long."

I'd pay more attention to his sales pitch if he wasn't so obviously excited to be selling it to me.


Dr. Handjob and his sidekick, Ass-Thumb, look for work.


Day 1 of SARS - they didn't realize it was respiratory yet


Yeah, we're here to do a manual sperm count.

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