Craptions Classics February 24, 2009

"hey frodo, get to mntn yet? lol. jk, tyt. aragon sez hi. ttyl.


Other Craptions

Lord of the Ringtones.

His phone told him he had mail. Unfortunately, class restrictions meant he could only wear cloth.


Text: Bustychick69...I am here. Where r u?


Mom, I'm at the corner of 5th and broadway, please bring poptarts.


TO: RUDOLPH dude wtf u left me in miami how drunk was i last nite


You shall not pass! At least, not until the traffic thins out.

Jeff Kelly

It's really hard to focus on the stupid wizard picture with the picture of Pam Anderson in a bathing suit right next to it.


Harry Potter and the Shitty Reception


Santa takes a moment to enjoy all the upskirt pictures he took.

ttyl Frodo, ur bff Gandalf

Phone of Confusion: +5 vs Wizards, +8 vs Elderly


To: Dumbledore From: Ron I jst got a txt frm Harry tht said U R gay. WTF?


He's standing outside a Hilton. I only bring this up because Paris Hilton is a giant whore.


The Wizard of More Bars Where you Need it.

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