Craptions Classics May 03, 2006

The mother skateboard had found a good meal for her young.


Other Craptions

"Aaaaand STAY out!"

Larry Funnyword

Evangelists were slightly disappointed at how much Jesus had changed since his first coming.


The people below ran towards him with their tongues out, trying to catch the first skater of the season.


Tony Hawk soars majestically in the sky, searching for a fresh prey.


Someone better call the admin. The hax has been turned on again.


Airlines' zero tolerance policy for skateboarding on the plane.


God never was much good at Tony Hawk.

Linux fan

Chortling with glee Gary leapt from tree to tree hurling blunt objects into the crowd below.


unfortunately Tony had forgotten that this one might involve a landing.


As Billy's life flashed before his eyes, he was shocked by how much of it he'd spent masturbating.

not even trying

It was his furthest jump ever, and his last.

No Way!
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