Craptions Classics February 21, 2009

I'm glad to see there are no fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror. That would be tacky.

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

Sometimes the words "road" and "trip" go together better than you could have imagined.

Kelly Robinson

Fuck you Xzibit!!!


Ma'am, can you describe the car that struck you?


Poor Herbie couldn't handle the stress of being associated with Lindsay Lohan


The truly amazing part of this car is it runs on liquid LSD


At first, it took the transformers a few tries to get it right.


Fabulous Prime, leader of the Autobots.

Hbie: Fully stoned


John doesn't brake for clowns.

Like many child stars, Herbie could not handle the pressure of show business and turned to drugs and Eastern religions.


During the mating season, the Volkswagen Beetle of Paradise works tirelessly, adorning its plummage with any brightly-colored objects it can scavenge. Here we witness a rare moment in which a female Jetta has paused, obviously attracted by the Beetle


For sale: used VW Beetle. Vehicle able to speed up and slow down passage of time with single stone.


Herpes: Fully loaded


This is your car. This is your car on drugs. Any questions?

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