Craptions Classics February 20, 2009

Chinese Jerry was one bad motherfucker.


Other Craptions

Don't poke the mouse. Don't shoot the mouse. Don't trap the mouse. Don't poison the mouse. Tell you what, just leave the damn mouse alone.


"Um, on second thought, let's try the pizza place down the street instead..."

Jeff Kelly

yes, excuse me, where do you keep your really weird shit?


Then we will fight in the shade!


Picture menus are a good idea for those who don't speak the language.


and then the ball rolls down the stairs triggereing the net which traps the mouse.


They may not have built a better mouse trap yet, but they sure as hell put a lot of effort into the blueprints.

Jeff Kelly

Advertising is more honest in China.


Chinese Fried Mice is not a typo.

Ancient Chinese secret. Mouse make everything taste better.

At least they don't lie and tell you it's chicken.



Steps to write craption: 1.Look at picture 2.Laugh 3.Vote for jekelish 4.Post craption 5.????? 6.Profit


DAMN, jekelish shot way the fuck up. wonder what his secret is, because it sure as hell isn't being funny...

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