Craptions Classics February 19, 2009

Because the biggest problem in America right now is the existance of a coffee shop chain


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Starbucks is PEOPLE!!! It's people!!!


Have you people ever thought of just... not buying the stuff?


Reverend Ric Flair and the Coffee Choir take their music and their message to the streets.


My anger at Starbucks can only be expressed.... in a song and dance number!


"You know Beth, ironically I could really go for a tall mocha latte...but don't tell Steve!"

Jeff Kelly

“blah blah blah SCIENTOLOGY blah blah blah”


Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man No time to talk

We're here. We're queer. We don't like starbucks.


That old guy on the left is like, "I fought in Korea for the freedom to do THIS kinda shit?!"


Ironically, the Starbucks protest was led by a Tall Americano.


At the end of his days, Colonel Sanders went a little nutty.

Jeff Kelly

I think it's great that these people have nothing more important to protest, don't you?


Big Trouble in Little Seattle


You see that old guy in the white hat? That's my uncle Melvin and he totally boned that redhead in the front there. Uncle Melvin is my hero!

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