Craptions Classics May 02, 2006

The city had been levelled. The three survivors sifted through the well-groomed rubble for signs of life. The giant comb would attack again.

monty thrush

Other Craptions

Nice work men, but the boss changed his mind. He decided the fields will look prettier if we plant them horizontally.


"You know, I think we might be in a cult."


The process would be slow with the current employment budget, but korea would one day become the world superpower with the biggest corrugated iron roof in history.


Scientology Summer Camp

bob cobb

Harvest Moon Online


I remember exactly where I buried the gold - it was between two long piles of dirt


After his 387th consecutive win, God sighed. Playing Tic-tac-toe: Three Fat Field Workers in a Row just wasn't the same without Satan.

Linux fan

As you can see from our promotional shot here, we hire micronized Mexican workers to make our cardboard product not only the most durable, but the most cost effective too.


With the final touch of the addition of land mines, the North Korea sponsored Moto-Cross race was about to begin....

Rat Boy

May 1st: All Latino immigrant workers go on strike.
May 2nd: Famine strikes America.

chuck norris

Now think of all the ethanol we can make off of 400 acres of land! I-....we're gunna be like the bill gates of corn!


A world where children are no longer born. They are grown.


Think that helicopter in the sky can tell we're masturbating?

Dirty Birdy

spaceball:"NOT A THING SIR!"
dark helmet:"WHAT ABOUT YOU GUYS?"
spaceball:"NOTHING HERE SIR!"
dark helmet:"WHAT ABOUT YOU GUYS?"
black spaceball: "WE AIN'T FOUND SHIT!"

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