Craptions Classics February 09, 2009

This picture is from when The Matrix was still running on DOS...


Other Craptions

I hate illegal immigrants... Go back to Legoland you fucking job stealing whore!!


Has anyone seen my Rubik's Fuck You?


"Yes. For the millionth time, my grandma died so I built myself a new one out of lego. Why do you keep asking me about it?"


Now here's someone who can actualy shit bricks...


WHAT THE HELL!? Your Eharmony account said you where megablocks!


FAKE! That's not a real dog.

Seriously, who's the Craption photographer with the Lego fetish? You don't just "stumble" across this many giant Lego constructions. Get some help, dude.


Ahhh so thats the owner of the stupid duck hunt's dog

Eduardo Rodriguez

Legoland: Auschwitz was not as successful as one would think.


The Lego bus was years from being built, let alone being operational.


No one else concerned that she's breastfeeding her dog IN PUBLIC?

Sadly, her husband is gone. But he'll always be a part of her.


Two bits'll get you a duplo-job.


Sorry ma'am, no dogs allowed in the mall. You are going to have to dismantle him.

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