Craptions Classics February 05, 2009

Tentacle Rape Ahead


Other Craptions

Oh, run TOWARD the it, thanks!


Thank god they put the sign up. I can never seem to find the octopus room on my own.


Enter and choose your mustache.


Bathroom sign at taco bell.


Now THAT'S what I call a boner!


Welcome to Dr. Cthulhu's office.

Eduardo Rodriguez

Get those Motha Fuckin Snakes off of that Motha Fuckin SIGN!


Those aliens are crafty, what with their leaving signs around encouraging people to run toward their menacing tentacles.

Jeff Kelly

Hell, this exit.

Jeff Kelly

The feats of Hercules don't seem quite as impressive when you realize the gods left him little clues to help him out, like this sign telling him where to find the Hydra.

Jeff Kelly

Open door, recieve bacon.


Now that is one enthusiastic soon to be rape victim.

Jeff Kelly

"Oh I'm sorry, I was looking for the testicle room. My mistake."

Jeff Kelly

"Sorry, wrong door."

Jeff Kelly
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