Craptions Classics February 02, 2009

You laugh, but he's nailing a hybrid of Mary Jane and Queen Amidala.


Other Craptions

With Great Power Comes Horrible...Horrible Aim.


Uncle Ben Kenobi would be proud.

God damn you George Lucas...god damn you...


I think it's safe to assume that this person has never felt the touch of a woman.

Jeff Kelly

10 million fanboy's underpants just became unusable.


So who's the villain? A fucking octopus with labored breathing?!


I'm torn. On the one hand, I want to steal his lunch money. On the other hand, AWESOME.

Jeff Kelly

In addition to being impervious to pain and possessing the ability to lift cars and swing from building to building, he also has the power to repel women.

Jeff Kelly

A long time a galaxy far far away...a nerd got his ass kicked...


What, no elven cloak?


Good...let the fail flow through you


A geek's identify crisis can be a sad, sad event.


Ever wonder what Bruce Wayne dresses like for Halloween? Yea, he's that rich and cooler than all of you!

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