Craptions Classics May 01, 2006

Private Harris and Private Turner realized their mistake, and traded rifles just in time. The inspecting officer would never be the wiser.


Other Craptions

The mating ritual of the SKS semi-automatic carbine rifle is both beautiful and majestic.


You can take the clowns out of the circus, but you can't take the circus out of the clowns.


In Soviet Russia, rifle choose YOU.

mike hunt

All French soldiers were required to learn how to weild their standard-issue, white-flagged rifles in an entertaining manner as enemies approached in order to, hopefully, stem the slaughter that was soon to come.

Blank Check

Rifle to the:

Arm - 10 pts
Chest - 20 pts
Head - 50 pts
Nads - 100 pts.

Note: +50 bayonet bonus.

le douche

And so the officers agreed on a duel to determine who was the better psychic.


The French Army adds its special flair to the old "throw down your rifles" surrender routine.


And now for the more dangerous, more exciting, more extreme: Russian Russian Roulette.

Choco Taco

Russian soldiers must be able to do the robot even when under heavy fire.

Linux fan

May 1st, 2006, 8:06pm: The rifles become self aware.


In a bold yet understandable move, the French army is replaced with a performance troupe at a fraction of the cost.


Instead of standard ammunitino, French-made rifles were loaded with the universal white flag of surrender.


France: Where even surrender is X-TREME!!!!!


I choose bayonet throwing at 5 paces....see you at dawn

Rat Boy
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