Craptions Classics January 30, 2009

Happy Happy Funtime Daycare


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All the sharp blades in the world aren't going to distract women from your tiny hands

CRACKED Staff,David Wiens

While the Japanese Army Knife is not as practical as its Swiss competitor, it edges it on kickassness.


I really don't understand Metal Gear Solid anymore.


That's actually a sign to a gynecologists office.

Damn, libraries in Japan are fucking hardcore.


The Japanese Scientologists have a more literal representation of Xenu...


Teenage Mutant Ninja Billboards

The sign is Japanese for "karaoke". The cyborg thing is Japanese for "fuck you if you don't get it".


Hey honey, what was the name of that pet store we went to while in Korea?


"Let me play for you a little something I wrote myself..."


Tokyo (AP) January 30, 2009 Japan opens a WTF Store in downtown Tokyo today...


It's my dick in a box.


Building-Man was a failure as a superhero, mainly because he couldn't move and thus was rendered pretty fucking useless.

Jeff Kelly

The rumors are true: Wu Tang Clan ain't nuttin' to fuck wit'

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