Craptions Classics January 28, 2009

I'll bet he's a lot more careful with his SECOND wish.


Other Craptions

Wait till the ice caps melt, we'll see who's retarded.


Seriously, are there any cool games for the Wii?


'Hello, all, I'm from the year 2133, and I've come to--oh God. Oh God, Johnson! Shut down the temporal gate! They've followed me! The giant chrome goldfish crackers have followed me! Christ save us all!'


When the goldfish eventually take over the world, the only safe place left will be, ironically, in a glass bowl.

Thomas Calnan

Now that Jake Gyllenhal is "respected", the little known clause in his contract for "Bubble Boy 2" comes back to haunt him


Hello, I'd like to talk to you about scientology.


Here's the weird thing, he's their audience.

CRACKED Staff,David Wiens

In Soviet Russia... Where will you be when... I'm YOU, from the... ahh, fuck it.


Look at me! I'm crazy Stuck in a Bubble Man. Don't you think it's crazy how stuck in this bubble I am!? Now gimme some candy!


Is NO ONE else worried about how damn skinny the chick standing on the table is!?

Chaos Merchant

Not pictured: This man's dignity.


Finally, an adequate vehicle for Andy Dick's overwhelming talent.


I'm trapped in a fart, OH MY GOD SOMEBODY HELP ME I AM TRAPPED IN A FART!!!!!!!!!!!

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