Craptions Classics January 21, 2009

Adam threw the extra hand back up at God. "I already have two!!" he screamed! "Give me a dick and a woman!!!"

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

Hand Grenade?


Pull my finger goes horribly wrong for David


The wrong way to give a handjob.

Thomas Calnan

And the Lord said unto Adam, "Pull My finger", and lo, Adam pulled and they both had a laugh.


Italian anime is really tasteful.


The statue outside Bruce Campbell's house.


you Know ummm... guys when i said "lets go play some handball", this is not what i meant.... now if you could just give me my hand back and drive me to a doctor that would be Fantastic...

Sev Squad

You gotta hand it to him.


Your a craption writer so im guessing your most likely male between 16-24 you don't trust news papers or traditional new sources your income is minim wage or just above and you have trouble sleeping at night which is why you stay on the computer late


Sometimes you got to be more specific when asking to get stoned and get a handjob.


Give me anything with a statue and an amputee and ill jerk to it


Michaelangelo's "Pull My Finger" is for some reason less popular than the David


I'm a leg man, myself.


I dont think thats water.........

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