Craptions Classics January 20, 2009

Not the most politically correct way for a chauffeur to meet his client at the airport in Midland, Texas.


Other Craptions

And you can trust him, he's a doctor.

Jeff Kelly

But WHICH world's #1 terrorist?


Eddie from Iron Maiden has a conscience of what's going on in the world today... and apparently he has also a medical degree


After her campaign collapsed, Hillary had to let the Flying Monkeys go.


Well, it's definitely not lupus.


Don't be silly everyone! This is just an Emo kid from Seattle pretending to understand politics... And his medical degree is "cutting edge"


Bush has heard a lot of insults during his two terms, but "LD's #1 Rorist" was perhaps the lowest blow.


Pictures always look classier in black and white.

Plan B

You can tell from his teeth that he's a british doctor.

Wow, when a demon and a nun come out to protest against you...

In retrospect, I'm shocked that Dubya got re-elected with that slogan and those campaign workers...

Jeff Kelly

This is why we always have to save your ass and never take you seriously, United Kingdom...whatever the hell that means...


Dick Cheney's true form was more horrifying than anyone had imagined.


The weird part is, this is an advertisement for jeans.

Jeff Kelly
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