Craptions Classics January 30, 2006

After several minutes struggling to keep his composure, Mike finally gave up. They really could see him. His camouflage had failed.


Other Craptions

The rest of the team had given up on the mission and returned to base, but Private Wilkins was still convinced the ambush would succeed.

Linux fan

"As a soldier under fire I know all about pressure situations. And that's why when I'm under pressure I use Natracare tampons. Natracare: the brand name you can trust."


CNN introduces the 4th person perspective of war by reporting on the reporters reporting on the soldiers.


"Survivor Iraq" is cancelled after one episode, following John's strategy to vote everyone else out the easy way.


"Cover! Take cover!"
"I got it, the coverage is great! You look good! Keep loo-"


The US Army's idea to have a camera crew follow every soldier around the battlefield was an interesting, yet fatal experiment.


It turns out Candid Camera was behind the War in Iraq all along.

Joe Pants

Budget cuts didn't stop the Halo movie from becoming a runaway success.


Ft. Benning, Georgia: The US Army begins a training program for media personnel headed to the Middle East, in hopes of reducing the number reporters and cameramen kidnapped and killed.


It turned out most viewers were unimpressed by the first season of "When Infantry Attack" due to low shock value.

Choco Taco

The British Government has announced their latest measures to cut down on antisocial crime. Some however, think that the method shown might be JUST too agressive.


"hey cameraman, don't you think it's a bit exposed?"
"nah, I'm using a Linear Polarizer Filter, it'll come out perfect."


The brass thought that perhaps the celebrity status of the GI had gone too far with the addition of groupies and a camera crew.

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