Craptions Classics December 23, 2008

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And brave Leonidas led an army of 300 against the mighty persian empire. TONIGHT WE DINE IN A TEMPERATE CLIMATE!!


FINALLY an audience that will appreciate "An Inconvenient Truth."


Not shown: A nervous Frosty waiting for Maury Povich to read the results of SEVERAL paternity tests.


Thousands of horny snowmen showed up in eager anticipation of the snow-blower's arrival.....


Cutest infestation ever.


I'm surprised they got that many snowmen to show up. They're usually a bunch of flakes.


OK, I won't feed them after midnight, but how am I supposed to keep them from getting wet?


Sir - the snowmen have begun a strike.... but don't worry, my sources tell me their likely to melt under the heat of negotiation.


this always happens, you set out to make one chinese snowman just one, that's all. Then you just can't stop, and you have almost a billion.


Not only did this break the record for Most Snowmen in One Place, it also broke the record for Most Pointless Waste of Time, previously held by Fred Durst.


God damn it... the extras are STILL out acting Keanu.


Now you know who wanted Palin in office.


The snowman army was eventually defeated by Global Warming. Take THAT environmentalists!

Thomas Calnan
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