Craptions Classics December 11, 2008

"And the winner of this year's physicist costume party goes to MISS HADRON COLLIDER!"


Other Craptions

Drag Queens don't retire. They merely bust into glitter when it's finally time for them to go.


Unfortunately, Emily exploded at the sound of applause...

Thomas Calnan

Spontaneous Human Confettication


Now THAT'S a wardrobe malfunction.


........"The Aristocrats!"


In a wierd fusion of art and science, a graduate student presents her Astrophysics thesis in the form of an interpretive dance.


Looks like the Gay Olympics are off to a fabulous start!


Jesus had few miracles left up his sleeve during the Third Coming.


It turned out that being dumped by Peter Pan was not the worst thing that ever happened to Tinkerbell...


"I hire her to follow me around to distract from my forehead."


I dont know wat this is. I dont give a Fuck. My wife just turned gay on me.


I don't know what's weirder: The fact that a girl just exploded into confetti Or the fact that at least one person has seen it done better!!

Thomas Calnan

unfortunately the teleporter project was canceled after sally forgot to stand directly on the "x"

Sev Squad

"Is she supposed to explode?" "I have no idea, let's clap anyway."

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