Craptions Classics April 25, 2006

Knowing that when he became older it would be unacceptable, Danny savoured the opportunity to kick a girl in the head.


Other Craptions

Stephanie! Fight back! For the last time, karate isn't turn based!

Chab Gassie

Competition for places in the kindergarten was tough


Many professors questioned his teaching methods, but Mr. Yonishi's debate team continued to reign supreme over the school district.

Senor Taco

It's important to learn at a young age that violence really does solve all problems.

Furious D

The first and last time force-push is allowed in Padawan sparring.

Tim S.

"Remember kids: for every fatality you register, you gain 30 exp. points and an Oreo."

le douche

Poised to strike, Timmy froze in mid air. Literally. As he looked into melissa's eyes, he realized that he had fallen in love. That was before she punched him in the balls.


"Strike first! Strike hard! No mercy, sir!" hadn't made sense until that moment, but the Kobra Kai philosophy was becoming very clear to little Billy.


Little Johnny took kick boxing literaly and kicked Sally square in her box.

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