Craptions Classics November 01, 2008

Vandalism in gay communities is a whole different concept.

CRACKED Staff,Bobby Paul

Other Craptions

Dan wondered why his car kept getting rear-ended.

Linux fan

This transformer is...FABULOUS!


Herbie tried to be understanding, but he just didn't approve of his son's lifestyle.


Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.


Go green with the only car that runs on retardation.


Bad acid: $10 Super Glue: $3 Assorted Toys: $22 Having a story to tell monday and the car to back it up: Priceless


The annual trailer park bring your yard to work day was a huge success.


Batman's second batmobile is a little more flashy than the first one, but damn it sure gets the bitches


...and that's how I met your father...


OH MY GOD!!! is that a scratch?


...and yet it's still more manly than the Prius


This car screams: I take something from all of my victims.


"Oh my God, a flamingo!" *swerves right* "No, Dad, it's..." "Oh my God, a smurf!!" *swerves left* "Dad, they're just stuck on the..." "Oh my God, a troll!!!" *swerves right* "THAT'S IT! I'M DRIVING!!"

Thomas Calnan

I hate it when you peel the candy off and theres still some car you need to scrape off of it..

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