Craptions Classics April 23, 2006

The crowd gathered to watch the breast implants frolic in their natural habitat


Other Craptions

Suddenly David R. Ellis had an epiphany. What if instead of jellyfish they were snakes? And what if instead of an aquarium it was a plane?


Masturbating in the pool is one of those things that's ruined by everyone else doing it, too.

Low Luck

Most jellyfish were left cold by the terrarium's new human exhibit.

Linux fan

Everyone hid in the darkness, praying they would just leave. The jellyfish were now the superior race on Earth, and they did not plan to rule kindly.


Chuck Norris' sperm aquarium was not only impressive, but beautiful

Tainted Ruv

As the crowd at the annual employee barbeque gathered and waited for his speech to begin, Michael was becoming sure that chewing all that LSD after lunch was a very stupid thing to do.

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