Craptions Classics April 22, 2006

Bobby! ... Bobby, are you still on the computer? ... Your mother and I think it's time we had a little talk! ... You're spending way too much time playing that Splinter Cell thing! ... Bobby? ... Where are you?

Linux fan

Other Craptions

iRape: Now with optional spoon.


Bob could run away from his inner child, but not his terrible taste in fashion

AKA The Fortress

What kind of child needs a spoon to eat a muffin?!

Sir Spoon

It is a popular belief in anthropology that all humans descended from black people.


Years of Counter Strike had given him the tools, now the opportunity was at hand. Bill Gates would die to his grenade attack...


Li'l Slugger prepares to give Chicken McNuggets to his next victim.


Unlike his shadow, Peter had grown up and grown tired of the annoying little pricks catch the shado game....


Leave it beaver.


No one takes little Billy's ice cream away from him. No one.


Steve was so lazy that even his shadow was taking lightyears to catch up with him.

Senor Taco
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