Craptions Classics January 29, 2006

Jin had survived pistol and sniper training, but he had a bad feeling when the drill sargeant announced it was time to practice with grenades.


Other Craptions

Too late, Wong realized his mistake. That bastard had lied to him. This wasn't a surrender flag.


To protect prominent party members from assassinations, China employs the latest in sniper distraction technology.

Linux fan

Win Po and his wife may not have been the "best" parents in Brooklyn, but when it came to discipline they were surely more creative than any of their neighbours.


"As you can see, we ran out of board after doing the head; so roughly were the testacles would be, we have placed an asian man's face."


After joining the War on Terror, South Korean soldiers prepare to fight alongside American units, therefore having to train under friendly fire.


In preparation for another attack by The Hulk, the new Hulk-Shaped targets are issued to the soldiers.

Mister Blister

After several failed attempts at suicide, Chi-Lei decided to quit and get a serious job.


Since the One Child Law has encountered resistance, China is trying to make population control fun.


so we're aiming for the kid, right?

pirate si

Ching Chong was having second thoughts about turning down the workplace life insurance


You kids have it easy. Back when I was in the Boy Scouts, we had to stop the bullets with our teeth.


This is never easy... Number 12, meet number 13, your replacement.

Bob Dylan

As they loaded the grenade launchers, Wong had a burst of thought, quickly followed with sheer disappointment. This was the worst possible place to find the cure for cancer


"Is this merit badge for boy scouts really worth it?"

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