You're Missing Out On CuriosityStream's Documentaries

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Ever since streaming services went mainstream, documentaries have become staples of the "Sink into a couch and stare at a screen until your troubles melt away" experience. In fact, we can't imagine much of anything these days without a film crew, a somber voiceover, and the opportunity to obsessively tweet about it later. If your mind is similarly afflicted, then that's exactly why you need CuriosityStream.

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This award-winning streaming and on-demand service is a veritable cornucopia of documentaries. CuriosityStream was founded by John S. Hendricks (who also founded The Discovery Channel), and has everything from BBC documentaries to their own features like Miniverse (featuring Chris Hadfield), Destination Mars (featuring Peter Diamandis) and Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places (featuring, believe it or not, Stephen Hawking).

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If you can imagine it, CuriosityStream can give you an entertaining, professionally produced explanation of it, complete with stunning visuals, splendorous animation, and that soothing drone of celebrity voiceover you've grown to love. All in all, we're talking about over 2,000 separate documentaries.

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And let's be honest, you're missing out on a lot of these. For every cool doc that you catch on Netflix or Amazon Prime, there are several dozen that passed you by. Sure, you watched that one about Ted Bundy, but what about the BBC's Hiroshima doc? Or did you see Ancient Earth, the CGI extravaganza depicting long-dead denizens of this very planet? Then there's The Killer Truth About Dinosaurs, Man's First Friend (a documentary about dogs), and the Curious Minds series, which does deep dives into topics like terrorism and espionage.

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And as the apotheosis of modern streaming services, CuriosityStream can be accessed on your computer, tablet, phone, or anything else that can connect to the internet and has a screen. It's fully compatible with iOS 9.0 (or later), Android 4.0.3 (or later), and anything else that gets invented in the next few months.

Normally $40, a CuriosityStream Two-Year Subscription is available in the Cracked Store right now for just $29.

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