What A Fat White Kid And A Car Full Of Death-Defying Muslims Have In Common: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Note: For best results, hit play on the top video, let it play until the kid starts dancing, and then hit play on the bottom video. Sometimes I have to make difficult decisions. Today I had to choose: Should I post the fat kid's pantsless home workout video or the Saudis skating down the highway at 80 mph in their sandals? As you can see it was a very tough call. I knew I could come up with some hilarious zingers about the fat kid exercising, but I already
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made fun of a child yesterday. I'm pretty sure that at some point you're supposed to stop making fun of children, right? This little guy is probably too young to know that he's just set himself up to be the next Star Wars kid, effectively ruining his entire life, and that's not all that funny, I guess, but you know what is? Watching him flail around with no pants on. WHY ISN'T HE WEARING ANY PANTS? So yeah, that one's kind of a mixed bag - part funny, part gut-wrenchingly depressing - but the one with the Saudis skating down a freshly-paved highway? That one's just flat out confusing. Why are they doing that, and more importantly, HOW? Not only does that look like the most dangerous thing of all time, but it also seems to defy the laws of physics. Also, the title of the video is "Only in Saudi Arabia." When did Saudi Arabia gain this reputation for wackiness? I figured if I posted this one I could say something about that, make fun of the guys for wearing those Islamic man-dresses, drop in a few Darwin references and call it a day. Easy enough, but would I really have enough to say about it to make the text wrap ALL THE WAY AROUND THE VIDEO? I was sitting on the couch, trying to decide which one to post. I showed them to my girlfriend, flipping back and forth between the two windows. "Which one of these is funnier?" I asked her. "Use both of them," she said without even looking away from
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America's Next Top Model. I pulled them up on the screen, hit play on both, sat back to watch them at the same time, and was like, "Whoa - these are actually pretty awesome to watch side by side." Then I tried to find another video to use, but by then it was getting late, so, you know, here we are.
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