Up Your Selfie Game With These 5 Gadgets

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While technology has definitely helped our photos look better, we as a species still haven't gotten better at actually taking them since we locked in on the tried-and-true 2004 method of "Hold the camera out and up with your face tilted slightly to the side in front of the bathroom mirror." So to pull your photo-taking skills out of the Dark Ages of MySpace and into the future, check out these camera accessories. They'll improve your photography expertise, social media standing, and maaaaaaybe your confidence in yourself.

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Spark Camera Remote

The best part of any photo is obviously your grinning mug, but what if you get sick of the artistic limitations of the modern selfie? (Or physical limitations. Short arms, anyone?) Allow us to introduce the Spark Camera Remote. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, this 3-in-1 camera remote offers app control, infrared triggering, and can even be used as a traditional wired remote if need be. On top of that, you're looking at 2,000 glorious hours of battery life, a range of 100 feet, and full control of shutter speed, intervals, and other advanced settings. Normally $74, the Spark Camera Remote can be yours right now for just $59 (that's 20 percent off).

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Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones And Tablets

But let's say you're not looking to get a specialized camera, but instead want to rely on the fantastic technology of the modern smartphone for all your picture-snapping needs. We can still help you out with this 3-in-1 Lens kit, which easily snaps onto almost any smartphone, turning the built-in camera into a 180-degree fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, or a macro lens. Sounds like the kind of device that should cost $29, right? Well guess what? You're right! But right now, you can buy this lens kit for $11.99, thanks to some secret backroom deals we pulled over the weekend.

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XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Action Cam With Mounts

Here's a riddle for you: If a dude shreds on a mountain and no one else is around to see it, does it make an "Awwww yeahhhh"? We'll leave that to the philosophers to decide. But to make sure that you never encounter such a conundrum, grab yourself the XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Action Cam. It attaches easily to your car, bike, helmet, pretty much anywhere you want, and records in glorious 4k with 12 mp still photo resolution. The waterproof casing will survive 98 feet underwater, and it even comes with a wireless wrist remote with a 33-foot range. Regularly $149, this baby can start filming your Xtreme adventures for an extremely nice $69.99!

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WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera

You ever struggle with a clogged drain, or worry that the Lego gummy vitamin you ate was actually just a Lego? Well now you can check out the problem for yourself with this endoscopic camera. It's a camera on the end of a long tube, and it plugs right into your smartphone so you can easily see into any tight, dark place. (Just don't be a weirdo about it.) Normally $49.99, right now the price is just $29.99 for this WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera. (Note: Please don't actually swallow this, even if you end up with a Lego in your guts. Just go see a doctor like a normal human being. Or swallow more Legos and hope that you randomly happen to build something cool.)

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Pakpod Adventure Tripod

It doesn't matter if your hands are steadier than a surgeon after a yoga session. If you're photographing outdoors and you don't use a tripod, then your pictures are going to eventually end up askew. The Pakpod Adventure Tripod is compact, waterproof, weighs less than a pound, and can adapt to any situation with three different kinds of stakes. It'll help you grab stable shots in the dirt, sand, snow, and anything else you find at the top of a mountain or the bottom of the sea. You can even strap it to your chest in case solid ground isn't even an option. (Astronauts, take note.) This $99 product is available right now at 30 percent off, meaning you can buy the Pakpod Adventure Tripod for just $69.

Is all electronic art Binary Art? Do robots have feelings? Only Zuul knows for sure.

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