Check Out This Weird Theory About Trump's Twitter We Found

There's a theory floating that Trump himself tweets from an Android, while his staff are all tweeting from iPhones. And it seems to hold up, since there's a clear tonal difference between tweets sent by those two platforms: Most of Trump's whining and conspiracy theories come from Android devices:

While the tweets from iPhones are all the scheduling, thanking people, explaining his positions, linking to news articles that support his views -- you know, actual campaigning.

iPhone-Trump and Android-Trump also have different perspectives on why Trump is a better candidate for president:
The staff ...
... and Trump himself.

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The guy who developed this theory (he's a special-effects artist! Follow him on Twitter!) also pointed out that the phrase "thank you" appears only in tweets sent from an iPhone:

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Which points to another key difference between iPhone and Android tweets: The only comments that try to connect with normal Americans (living up to his "I'm with you!" campaign slogan) come from iPhones:
Basically, any tweet where Trump remembers other people exist.

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While the Android posts tend to be a bit pettier:
"I thought the journalist wanted to talk to me because we were friends!"

Cracked pointed out that Trump will often retweet obviously fake Twitter accounts praising him. Every single time that has happened, the tweet's been sent from an Android account.

With this kind of insight into his campaign, it's hard not to start speculating about what's going on behind the scenes in Trump's Flying Fortress Of Solitude. Remember when Trump insulted the parents of a dead American soldier and promised that Russia would never invade Ukraine (even though they already had) in the same interview? People who don't obsessively read everything that guy tweets may not realize that he followed that up by complaining about how unfair it was that people heard what he said and remembered it.
"Whoa whoa whoa, no one said that if I ran for president people would start saying stuff about me!"

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But then you can almost see where his handlers made him stop and go take a walk or something (which should be mandatory for any prolonged social media use). Shortly after that came a series of tweets about how dishonest CNN is, all from iPhones. You know, like they were desperate to change the subject or something:
"And have you guys seen Stranger Things yet? Great show! I predicted every twist."

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It's almost like the campaign needed to shift attention away from the ugly things he'd said, but Trump was completely incapable of covering any topic other than himself, so his staff had to bring their iPhones in and change the subject for him.

iPhone-Trump will also try to cover for Trump-Prime whenever he says something stupid and/or treasonous. Remember when he asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email?

Trump's "hope" that Russia is able to hack the secretary of state's email is deranged -- he's rooting for a foreign country to attack our own government (the same government he's trying to be put in charge of). But then his iPhone buddies swooped in to walk that back and say that if Russia happens to already have those emails, hey, maybe share them with the FBI (Not the press! No! That'd be ridiculous and irresponsible! Please don't do that).
I bet whoever wrote that never imagined that rephrasing something so it isn't treason anymore
would become a part of his day job.

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Again, this theory has not been confirmed in any way. All we know is that about half of Trump's Twitter feed is sent from an iPhone, and the other half comes from an Android.

Also, there is at least one deviation from this pattern, from 5:57 p.m. to 8:03 p.m. on July 29, when the tone of the iPhone tweets suddenly shifted sharply and Trump tweeted perhaps his most incoherent comment ever (possibly because he was using an unfamiliar device?)

That one tweet breaks the pattern pretty hard, but that one and its neighbor (that talks about how the the debates were scheduled against NFL games specifically to screw him, or something) are the only ones I can find that do.

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So, if there is a conflict between these two accounts, Trump really isn't helping himself. Almost all of Trump's most popular tweets came either from an iPhone or a computer (Trump doesn't have a laptop). The one Android tweet on that list isn't even in his Trump-voice.

Aaaaaaand at this point I'm wondering if I've gone completely crazy. This is starting to sound like a conspiracy theory, even to me. So let's just end the article here ...

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But ...

OK, real quick, here's an article about how the presidential candidate promised to stop using Apple products. And here's another, in the New York Times, about how much Donald Trump enjoys using a Samsung Galaxy (an Android phone).
OK, really, I'm done now.

JF Sargent is a senior editor for Cracked and the creator of the Debunk Trump Twitter account.

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