This Heroes blog update will introduce No New Characters, and that's a Guarantee.

heroess2e4.jpg The most interesting Heroes subplot currently running is the mystery surrounding the Nightmare Man, and his connection to the previous generation of super-power enthusiasts (Lindermen, Kaito Nakamura, the Petrelli’s, et al.) Consequently last night's episode of Heroes was one of the most interesting of the season, despite the fact that it introduced yet another new character that no-one will ever care about. Watching ordinary people discover newfound abilities and observing as they learn how to cope with them makes a good story. It’s also a story that’s
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already been told. Last season we watched a dozen people discover their abilities and how they affected the greater world around them. To watch it happen again is eye-wateringly boring. I nearly barfed when Micah’s cousin said “I just feel like there’s something great inside me.” Can we please declare a moratorium on New-Hero-Discovering-Themselves stories for awhile? I only want to see a new hero introduced if they’ve progressed to the leotard-clad ass kicking stage. Other things we know now. The aforementioned interesting revelation is that we now have a picture of several people involved in the Symbol Conspiracy. And one of them is Parkman’s dad. The other major revelation was that Parkman’s father is also the mysterious Molly-frightening creature that we’re now evidently called the Nightmare Man. Technically that's an accurate name, although it is a little lacking in menace. I guess “Night Terror Head Fucker” is probably a little strong to say in the presence of an 11 year old. The other problem with the Nightmare Man is that the more we learn about him, the less menacing he becomes. Prior to this episode it was easy to imagine he was an all powerful Demon Leopard living in a fortress carved underneath the South Pole. Now we know he’s a doughy middle aged guy who keeps an apartment in Philadelphia. Which is a bit of a let-down, although he is related to Parkman, so that’s probably par for the course. I’m beginning to suspect that West’s ability to fly is only his secondary ability. His true power is the inability to take “No” for an answer. I consider myself a father-figure towards Claire, along with several other television characters, due to some mental problems of mine that I don’t really want to get in to here. Consequently, I only want her to be happy, and worry about her being around a fellow who’s so irritatingly persistent. Watching Sylar stumble into the path of Maya and Alejandro felt like a huge lazy writing coincidence - a case of
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Sylar Ex Machina if you will. I wonder if someone is manipulating his return to the States? Also, is that Claire's stolen car they're riding in? Micah’s cousin Monica has discovered that she can learn anything just by watching it. Admittedly, a pretty cool power, although it would have been better if there was a scene of her staring vacantly into the middle distance and saying “I know Kung Fu.” We learned a little bit more about what happened with Nathan. The pain from growing a beard caused him to turn to drink, which drove away his wife and family.
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