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Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office is an essential skill to have on your resume. It's sort of like how a tragic backstory is essential to joining the Justice League. Odds are if you're reading this, you probably think you've got a pretty solid handle on everything in the Office package, including Microsoft Excel. "It's just a numbers museum for eggheads," you say to yourself. "You drop in the digits, and bada-bing bada-boom, you're outta there."

First off, you sound like a real cool cat. Secondly, that's just the tip of the Excel iceberg. Not only is a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel an absolute necessity for everything from data tracking to bookkeeping to project management, but it also contains a treasure trove of features you had no idea even existed.

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For instance, did you know you can create automated spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel? Or how best to use charts and graph sparklines to immediately communicate data trends to all the glazed-over eyes in the conference room? Let's say you have to summarize specific data from hundreds of pages of workbook tables for an important meeting. Do you know how to make a Pivot Table do all that hard work for you? You probably don't even know what a Pivot Table is. (Hint: It isn't a dining room table on a pivot, though those are indeed rad.) Or how many time-saving macros do you know offhand to automate the more tedious aspects of data entry in Excel? We're willing to bet that most of these features are new to you, and that's OK! The point is, Excel is way more important in a professional environment than you realized, and you don't have even half the skills you thought you did.

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But not to worry! Right now, you can get eLearnExcel: The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle for just $39. That's nine courses, 288 lessons, and over 28 hours of instruction for the cost of approximately ten comic books. To give you an idea of the kind of opportunity currently staring you in the face, this bundle normally retails for $1,066. The only thing that could slash a price so deep is adamantium or something.

The Excel bundle is one of the top e-learning bundles in the shop, but this is a new and improved version, with updated instructions on the new features and functions of Microsoft Excel. Across the bundle's nine courses, you'll learn (or relearn, if that's the case) how to create a secure workbook for your workplace, how to create and implement data visualization tools, how to create charts, tables, and dashboards, as well as valuable formulas, functions, and macros to optimize your data keeping. OK, let's take a breath before we continue.

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Finally, you'll earn an industry-backed CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification, proving you're the most qualified Excel professional in the office and requiring anyone who says otherwise to meet you by the coffee machine for a battle to the death. So once again, if you're looking to throw yourself back into the job market, then get make sure to pick up this Excel bundle while it's hot.

Why stop at just Excel? The Microsoft Data Analysis Bundle: Lifetime Access and The Ultimate Microsoft Project Bundle: Lifetime Access will make you the master of ALL the Microsoft skills.

And don't forget to Unlock Your Full Microsoft Office Potential With This Bundle.

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