This App Can Rapidly Inject Books Right Into Your Brain

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Have you been feeling a little brainless lately? Like you haven't read a book in eight years, and it's a miracle you can still read at all? Ditto. But guess what! The internet is a magical place, and a new trend is taking over the world: micro books. Seriously, people will do the hard work of reading a book for you, and then they'll trim the fat and summarize the key points into a much more digestible experience.

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12min is an organization of literary superheroes that gives you access to hundreds of micro books, which you can read or listen to whenever you find the time. Every month, you'll receive 30 new titles that are designed to be read in just 12 minutes, covering topics from fiction and history to business and psychology. If you don't like what they're sending you, you can suggest books you want to read, and their team will synthesize them into different micro books.

This App Can Rapidly Inject Books Right Into Your Brain

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"But shouldn't I just read the whole book?" you ask, munching on two bags of dried fruit with 50 tabs open on your desktop. Yeah, probably. But in this world of a million distractions, it's not surprising that sitting down to read for three hours a day isn't feasible. So here's a pretty good way to get you back in the groove.

You can access books online from any device, or you can send them to your Kindle. It's convenient and makes cheating at book club super easy. It's probably why they've got a 4.7-star rating on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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Start getting smarter NOW. A lifetime premium subscription to 12min would ordinarily run you $346.50, but you can sign up for life today for just $39.

Prices are subject to change.

Or you could just go ALL IN and create your own books with The eBook Self-Publishing Bundle, or the similarly named but totally different eBook Self-Publishing Bundle. Or go old-school and Read, Just, ALL Of The Books With These 5 Bundles.

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