These Bundles Will Help You Manifest Your Creativity

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Some people will tell you that creative ability is a magical thing that only certain "chosen ones" can use. Sadly, those people will be writing their unfinished scripts in local Starbucks lounges until the end of time. Because if you have the drive and the willpower, you can always hone your creative skills with the proper resources. And these resources are available right now in the Cracked Shop. They'll help you unlock the artistic powers you knew were resting inside your organs all along.

These Bundles Will Help You Manifest Your Creativity

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First we've got the CreativeNauts Branding Tools All-Access Pass, which gives you key information about HTML, emails, photography, flyer design, and everything else that goes into developing a clear and memorable brand, available on an awesome pay-what-you-want deal.

Then there's the Premium Fonts bundle, also available for whatever you're willing to pay. It features the Haus and Bahn family of killer fonts to help you stand out from the normies while making font connoisseurs say "Is that the Haus (or Bahn) font family?"

Our third and final pay-what-you-want deal is our Retro and Vintage Illustration Design Bundle, which provides you with over 1,000 ornaments, images, and banners to give that retro charm to anything you make. (Rather than doing what you normally would to add retro charm: Stealing from grandma's china cabinet.)

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Next are some image bundles: The Icon54 Unlimited Membership gives you lifetime access to 5,000 professional vector images for just $19, while the Stock Photo Mega-Bundle includes over 80,000 images for just $29.99.

Finally, we have three amazing subscription services for you. First is Stencil Unlimited, which provides one year of access to a top-of-the-line image editing program for just $49.

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Next is Slides Website Templates, which can help you build the slick modern website of your dreams in the next year (rather than a plain boring one two decades from now) for just $19.99.

And at last, we have the EpicPxls Design Assets Premium Plan, which rounds everything else out with a fine collection of graphics, fonts, and templates, at just $49 for a lifetime subscription.

So go for it! Release the artist inside and see what you're capable of. Just be cautious at first. The artist inside has been cooped up for a while, and tends to get a little hangry.

Prices are subject to change.

For more, check out Writer's Blocks 5 and Startup 3 Website Builder: 1-Yr Subscription.

Because it's never too late to Get In Touch With Your Inner Starving Artist With These Buys.

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