The TIVOO Speaker Is A Grown-Up Lite Brite ... With Music

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Speakers are fun, but for the most part they look like someone had an aneurysm while designing a box. Enter the TIVOO wireless speaker, a speaker / robot assistant with a sleek retro design. It comes with high-quality 6W 360-degree sound, and has a built-in bass port for ten hours of thumping music on a single charge. But what makes TIVOO so cool is the array of fun features on its fully customizable pixel art display.

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A built-in app allows you to draw your very own pixel art right on your smartphone. You can create whatever you want, from Mario to Link to your disapproving father finally giving you an accepting smile. You can then use the same app to customize your own LED displays, allowing TIVOO to scroll fun messages for your roommates, like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and "YOUR HALF OF THE RENT IS DUE, DEREK."

TIVOO even lets you upload your creations to an online gallery, where you can share your work and download pixel art from other TIVOO owners around the world. And TIVOO's customization isn't just limited to the visual. It also comes with a professional DJ mixer, allowing you to create your own remixes on TIVOO's adorable, supportive face.

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Are you locked in an eternal power struggle with the snooze button? TIVOO has 14 completely customizable alarm profiles that will blast the awake right into you. Or you can record your own alarm, allowing your TIVOO to gently wake you up each morning with your own grating voice.

Speaking of recording, TIVOO's built-in microphone allows you to record voice memos for yourself, or even leave voice messages for your friends, family, or the police, depending on the situation. And if you're a rampaging insomniac, be it from standard anxiety or the frenzied guilt over your past misdeeds, TIVOO will happily do its best to tuck you in with 24 sleep aid profiles, including alpha wave audio tracks and melatonin-inducing lighting. You can even link TIVOO to your social media accounts, so it can notify you every time someone comments on one of your posts (see "insomniac," above).

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Normally, to get an irresistibly cute singing robot pal, you'd have to own a time machine and an exorbitant amount of future currency (probably known as MuskBucks). But you can get TIVOO right now, in your choice of white or red, for just $79 in standard modern United States Earth money. That's 20 percent off the regular price of $99, so scoop one up for your geeky inner child while you still can.

You don't have to be a Clever Yoshi to see the Mario Prestige you'll earn by creating your own pixel art.

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