The End Of The Internet: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Awesome Video Of The Day Live Action Garfield I spend a lot of time here on the Cracked Blog making fun of stuff. Sometimes I make fun of idiots who genuinely deserve ridicule. Other times it's people who probably didn't really deserve it, people who innocently put themselves out there on the internet and happened to look kind of stupid at the same time. Does that make me a jerk? No - that makes me a BLOGGER. People looking stupid is what fuels the internet's hilarity engine, okay? You know how they say you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs? Well you can't make an internet without crushing a few souls, either. But today is different! Today's video is too special to make fun of, and the guys who made it are way too awesome to berate. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for I'm not totally sure why someone decided to recreate Garfield strips in live action, but they sure did a good job! From the obsessive-compulsive attention to detail (even the background shading matches), to the ridiculous music videos, these clips just melted my face off with their brilliance. They also make me a little bit nervous, though. Is this going to be the next big internet thing? Are people going to start making bizarre live action recreations of Dilbert and Cathy now? That would be okay for a while, but I'm worried that after it got old everyone would be like "Well, that was deranged - I can't think of anything else" and the internet would be over. How can anything possibly top this? I predict that by April the entire web will consist of eBay, Amazon, LasagnaCat and a handful of "MILF" porn sites. Oh - and, of course. Only by April, will be a "MILF" porn site.
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